• Our Story


    It is in our secrets that our power and freedom may be found.

    In Defense of Glitter and Rainbows is a lyrical and dynamic coming of age story about a teenage girl and her mother learning the power of connection and reconciliation. Drawing strength from a present of painful memory, a brilliant and vibrant future, and the value of truth shared between generations of women, we learn of the resplendent and visceral legacies that we are a part of, and the spiritual ties we have to loved ones lost. Told through the power of verse and movement, we relearn the intimacy and empowerment of the bond shared between mother and daughter.

    In Defense of Glitter and Rainbows is a declaration of courage; the courage to love and let go, to get out of our own way, to keep climbing. It is a story about sisterhood and love; love between mothers and daughters, between sisters, between men and women, fathers and daughters. It is about the intricate bond between mother and daughter, and the importance of telling our stories, the lessons learned in life and death, and all that we are willing to do to defend our joy.